1. I love that my clothes are starting to fit me.
  2. I stand up straighter and people are noticing.
  3. It is so good not to have constant pain in my back.
  4. I can pick up my kids and not groan anymore.
  5. It is healthier to punch the punching bag instead of my boss.
  6. My stress levels have really gone down.
  7. If I’m tired, I am more energetic at the end.
  8. When I’m sore, another light workout always makes me feel better.
  9. My children love playing in the kids’ area at the gym.
  10. It is a great way to spend an hour with my husband/wife.
  11. I teamed up with a friend and we’re getting each other through it.
  12. It is a great way to network with other like-minded people.
  13. It is nice to not have attention on how I look at the beach.
  14. I wanted more energy, so I worked out and got my diet straight.
  15. My performance at work and my ability to be a great father have increased.
  16. I can now basically lift a small car off you if you were stuck under one.
  17. They are now starting to call me Grandma Pull Up.
  18. I can deadlift my husband.
  19. I can Turkish get-up my wife.
  20. Now I can arm wrestle my son.
  21. This is nothing compared to childbirth.
  22. It’s either this or sit in front of the TV and get fatter.
  23. Chicks dig my muscles.
  24. The guys love my thighs.
  25. When I feel like everything is too overwhelming, I come here.
  26. No matter what, I am always glad I came.
  27. The days I feel the worst coming in are the days I get the most out of it.
  28. Once I exercise in the morning, I can get so much done the rest of the day.
  29. Experiencing pure exhaustion on a daily basis just makes everything else seem so easy.
  30. I would never go outside if I didn’t exercise.
  31. I’d rather not just sit around and complain about how I look or try to change my own mind about it.
  32. I have to set a good example for my kids.
  33. I have way too much energy to just sit around the house.
  34. I would rather be around people who want to be healthier.
  35. It’s either the gym or “happy hour” which means I’ll be drinking the rest of the day.
  36. Because I don’t want to suck at life.
  37. Skiing is so much easier and fun when I’m in shape.
  38. It lowers my risk of cancer and about a thousand other diseases.
  39. I love my trainer, they always inspire me and make me laugh.
  40. Learning new movements and becoming competent is so rewarding.
  41. Things don’t jiggle so much if I have to jog down the hall.
  42. My team at work respects me more now that they see I am fit and able.
  43. If my family is ever at risk, it won’t be my fitness holding me back.
  44. My husband/wife likes me better when I’m fit.
  45. I have to exercise otherwise my horrible diet would cause me to swell up.
  46. If I don’t go, I lose the bet.
  47. My job gives me a bonus if I exercise a certain number of days in the month.
  48. We have a big hiking trip coming up and want to get in shape for it.
  49. If I don’t exercise, my desk job would kill me.
  50. I’m here to make sure my husband gets here too.
  51. I can’t let my son think I’m some weak old man.
  52. Exercise really helped me straighten out my life.

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