1. I’m hungry.
  2. I’m full.
  3. I had a late night last night.
  4. I’m lazy because I slept too much.
  5. I’m stressed.
  6. I had a family emergency.
  7. My kid had a dance recital.
  8. I’m too sore.
  9. My car ran out of gas.
  10. My car is in the shop.
  11. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow.
  12. I had a “procedure” done.
  13. My child got sick at school today and I had to go pick them up.
  14. I’ve got a baby coming any day now.
  15. Just had a baby.
  16. I have kids.
  17. I’m going out of town.
  18. I have family coming in town.
  19. It’s the holidays.
  20. I have a work dinner I have to go to.
  21. The receptionist at the gym hates me.
  22. My trainer is actually out to kill me.
  23. I forgot my clothes.
  24. I forgot my shoes.
  25. I forgot my chapstick.
  26. I don’t want to get all sweaty.
  27. It’s too cold.
  28. It’s too hot.
  29. The bathrooms are too dirty.
  30. The floor is too dirty.
  31. My trainer smells.
  32. I don’t want to tell my trainer I’m on my period so I’ll make something up.
  33. It’s my anniversary.
  34. It’s my birthday.
  35. It’s my wife’s birthday.
  36. It is my husband’s birthday.
  37. My mother in law is freaking out.
  38. I cheated on my diet and I’d rather not get a lecture from my trainer.
  39. I’m watching the game tonight.
  40. I’m way too hungover to go to the gym.
  41. My head hurts.
  42. I feel bloated.
  43. My husband will feel left out.
  44. I’m not waking up early for that.
  45. Just did my nails, sorry!
  46. I could pull a muscle.
  47. That old football injury might act up.
  48. I don’t like how the guys look at me.
  49. That girl keeps following me around.
  50. My trainer keeps hitting on me.
  51. I don’t want to hear my trainer whine about her husband anymore.
  52. I told my trainer I was sore and he laughed at me!
  53. I puked during my last workout and it was embarrassing.
  54. I don’t want to have to wash my hair tonight.
  55. The 101 was packed.
  56. There was a wreck on I-10.
  57. Just got a tattoo and it’s still painful.
  58. The tattoo artist said not to get too sweaty, so that the bandage stays on.
  59. My boss made me stay late.
  60. Sorry, got errands to run.
  61. I had restless sleep last night.
  62. I literally couldn’t walk after yesterday’s workout.
  63. I had some bad Chinese food.
  64. My dog needed to go to the vet.
  65. My workout buddy stopped coming.
  66. My kids hate the daycare lady.
  67. We had to get ready for the storm.
  68. I was in contact with someone who was in contact with someone who was sick.
  69. I’ve got a scratchy throat.
  70. I didn’t feel safe driving in the rain.
  71. There was ice on the roads.
  72. The wind blew over my patio furniture and I had to get everything under control.
  73. I had to go check my house after the earthquake.
  74. I had to take a different route home due to the protests.
  75. They closed the streets because of a marathon.
  76. I reached my goal and I want to take it easy for a bit.
  77. I am dehydrated right now.
  78. It’s too busy at the gym right now.
  79. There’s no one there, it’s boring.
  80. The meatheads are going to be lifting and screaming because it’s chest day.
  81. It’s not chest day.
  82. Those giggling girls are just there to socialize.
  83. I don’t want to turn into some anorexic psycho.
  84. Why put myself through pain when I can take a weight loss pill?
  85. I’ve been very good. Now it is time to be very bad.
  86. I would just rather not go.

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