Sometimes we have a bad day. It is especially bad if we can’t let it out or say what we want to say based on social circumstances. Don’t worry, I’ve got an exercise for you.

Medicine Ball Slam

The exercise is easy.

You pick up a medicine ball and raise it all the way over your head. You then, with all of your might, slam the ball into the ground.

Then you do it again, and again, and again.


You need a medicine ball that is floppy, so it doesn’t bounce back at you. If the ball bounces, you’ll probably get it back in the face. There are a ton of YouTube videos of people making this unfortunate mistake if you care to look.

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This is my go-to medicine ball:

This Can Only Be Done in the Right Type of Gym

No Planet Fitness would allow this. They have their alarm that goes off when weights are slammed. Stay away from places like that.

In CrossFit gyms this exercise is part of the standard programming.

Many functional gyms use this movement. I love using it just because where else can you just go slam something on the floor?

A Case Study

I once had a lawyer who was very stressed. He was new to the subject of exercise and fitness and he really had to make himself get into the gym. I made it my goal to make this the high point of his day.

One day he walked in and he was especially non-communicative. He was willing to do what I said but the most I could get out of him was a nod. I didn’t want to push it so I had him do a regular warm up on the treadmill and some other basic movements.

Then I showed him the medicine ball slam. Told him we would do 20 of these, then a couple of other exercises and rotate through them.

His eyes kind of popped open when I slammed the ball into the ground. I showed him an easy one, then a hard one, then a really loud slam.

His face was priceless. He slammed it (softly) on the ground and kind of looked around to make sure that a window didn’t break or something. I said, “Harder.” He did it a little harder and I said, “Harder.” I told him I want my ears to ring because it is so loud. I told him to break the cement because he is throwing it so hard.

Then it was like watching a movie where someone fast forwards it and the guy just starts moving really, really fast. At the end of twenty, he looked me in the eye, and he looked relieved. Very out of breath, but happier.

By the end of the three rounds we were chatting like usual. The guy just had to let something out.

Why It Works – My Theory

Sometimes you want to say something, but can’t.

It could be as simple as, “All twenty of us are spending the next four hours fixing this because you refused to answer your email on time.” But sometimes you just say that without getting fired.

So, there is a communication that needs to go somewhere. You want to send something from you towards a point and have it get there. You could go hit some golf balls at the driving range but they don’t smack so loud when they hit the ground.

The medicine ball works perfectly.


This is a fun exercise, especially for kids, but also for everyone else.

Some gyms have sound considerations. Maybe a massage parlor is next door and they don’t want a bunch of loud music and vibrations in the walls.

Pick a gym where you can really do stuff like this and it will absolutely change your outlook on going to the gym.

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