This happens every year. It’s like clockwork. The sugar fairy comes and does his work to our demise. Here are some tried and true tips to get you through.

Eat Backwards

Eat the boring foods first. These are your fats and proteins as opposed to the goodies.

Once you’ve consumed those, then you can move into the fun stuff. The breads, sugars, sweets and treats.

But don’t touch anything until you’re done eating the avocado, the chicken, the salad with oil and vinegar. Eat them slowly. Chew them thoroughly.

At that point, you could have a whole cake in front of you and you’ll have a couple bites and be done with it.

We usually overindulge on the sweets because we’re also just hungry for actual nutrients. Don’t forget to feed your body healthy stuff.

The sweets are there as a bonus. They aren’t the main course just because it is cold outside.

Go to Every Party – But Spend Half the Time You Usually Do

So, let’s say you’re newly married and your spouse wants to introduce you to all of their friends. This is something they’ve been planning and looking forward to.

You can’t really play the psycho protective role and just make them disappear from their social life, so you go. You both agree that it is going to be a short stay because, just because you are newlyweds doesn’t mean that you’re both going to get fat within the first year.

So go, make your introductions and put on one hell of a smile and then retreat to a safe place. Home or with a family member. Somewhere you feel like no one is going to catch you on your lie that you “Had another party to go to.”

It is okay to make yourself a bit scarce. It makes you more valuable.

And you’ll definitely feel better if you don’t go crazy like most people do during the holidays.

Go on Vacation

You could avoid everyone. Bug out. Retreat.

During the most dense schedule of Christmas parties, go see someone who is conveniently just out of town. Fake a cold and tell everyone you don’t want to be responsible for getting everyone sick if it is something bad.

I’ve done this and it has been extremely beneficial to my own health.

Not many people will admit this, but a lot of bad things happen during Christmas parties. Some people are trying to rush to find that special someone to spend Christmas with – which never works. Others are just trying to capitalize as much as they can on the sugar, the alcohol, the festivities and the people with lowered inhibitions.

I remember being very occupied with a project during Christmas one year and I missed pretty much every major party.

In fact I didn’t feel like I missed anything. I actually felt pretty good about it.

Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

Here is a big secret: Personal fitness trainers have nothing to do during the holidays.

If you want to get some one on one training and have the whole gym to yourself, start in December. The trainer will be happy to have you. Your attention will be his or hers completely.

You don’t even have to really do heroic things during the holidays. The first few weeks of any exercise program just involve getting the kinks out so we can really train you.

So get those cobwebs off during the holidays so that after the holidays you can totally rock your fitness plan. When everyone is stumbling into the gym at the beginning of January and getting their feelers on everything, you’ll be working it like you never stopped!

Cook a Creative Health Dish and Take It to the Party

Then only eat that. Only.

Don’t eat other people’s bikini-killing, gut-building, love-handle-growing sugar bombs.

Be happy with them and be around, but don’t sit there and let yourselves just go to waste. Remember that beach bod that you are going to rock this year. Keep your eye on the target!

Have a Healthy Christmas Party

Be an innovator!

Start a new trend and get people to bring healthy foods to your Christmas party. You may be seen as a nerd, but a ton of people will be into it.

Gather a bunch of ideas for healthy snacks (Christmas colored, of course) and send the list to your friends. It can have all of the fun of a Christmas party and you’ll have some hearty, protein-filled snacks that don’t spike your blood sugar and cause you to feel like a fat, regretful cow in the morning.

If you do it right, others will catch on and you will have single-handedly increased the life expectancy of thousands of people.

When it is put in that light, how could you say no?

Volunteer To Be the Designated Driver

It sounds nerdy, but just volunteer to do it. Find someone with a big suburban or comparable SUV and throw everyone in.

Just think of the benefits:

  • You’ll save money on drinks.
  • Everyone will be safe
  • You won’t be hungover in the morning
  • Everyone will be safe
  • You will be closer to your fitness goals
  • Everyone will be safe!

If you step up to do it, you’ll still be able to be part of the party. Even if you just partake in an after-party, you’ll be doing much better than those who did it all night.

Look, if there is going to be a change, it has to start with one person standing up and taking responsibility for everyone else. Just be that person.

Tell Everyone You Want a Healthy Gift

By making everyone think healthy thoughts for you, you’re grooving in something here that will benefit you in years to come.

You can be nice or harsh. You could say, “If you get me sugar, I’m throwing it away.” That works, but it could come off as harsh.

Or you could be nice and say, “I’ve really been trying to get my weight under control and anything you can do to help that would set me on the right path.” Then give a simple list of Keto snacks, exercise clothes or gear. Running shoes, new waterproof earbuds for running, a track jacket, etc.

If you get them thinking with a healthy gift for you this year, then they’ll start thinking healthy gifts for you in the future and for others in general.

Be an innovator here, too. Tell them that you want something healthy and that you want to get them something that will benefit their health, too!

Handle Everyone Around You

Getting in shape and surviving the holidays is not just about fixing yourself. This is where most people get it wrong.

You have to reach out to your friends, your spouse, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your kids, your parents and your bartender. You have to send out a message to them all that says, loud and clear, “Don’t friggin’ tempt me!”

Those who listen are your friends. Those that don’t get their gifts of sugary fatness thrown in the trash.

If You Must Go to a Party, Go With a Full Belly

So let’s say that your office is having their company party and it would be a problem if you didn’t go. You’ve got to put some face time in for both your boss and those you manage.

Eat a ton of salad beforehand. Then eat some healthy chicken or other protein and whatever it is, it is a well-rounded meal that leaves you satisfied and somewhat feeling good because it was so healthy.

You can’t go to a party needing calories but not allowing yourself to eat anything.

Do you know why sugar is so, oh, so good? It is because it is readily available energy that used to be rare in nature. We are programmed to have such a response to it because it is very good for your survival to have that type of energy at hand.

The same way nature makes you cringe at the smell of poop, it makes you salivate at the smell of sweets.

So if you think you’re going to go to a party and keep yourself from eating, when you already need calories, you’re wrong!

Fill up on your calories, then you can make a rational choice. It is irrational to be hungry and to turn down the most appealing type of food.


If you have some goals this year to, oh I don’t know, NOT gain 5 pounds over the holidays, then try some of the above.

Brainstorm with your significant other. Write out a plan.

Think of 100 different things that you can do to make the holidays healthier. Once you think of those, you’ll think of 200 more on accident.

And once you’re thinking with healthy alternatives, you’ll be fine.

All that we are trying to do is break you out of the groove.

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