As a personal fitness trainer, you are able to practice your trade and – at the same time – build a network of relationships with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. This is valuable beyond measure.

What Is In-Person Networking?

Having been a personal fitness trainer for more than 20+ years, I have had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. And more than half are people that I never would have met.

Building up a network like that changes how you operate. For example, if I ever want a side job or need help, I have people I could call. I know massage therapists, car dealership owners, hotel owners, the managers of dozens of restaurants and other businesses.

What if You Knew Everyone in the City?

Big goal, right? Go for it.

I think we should all push ourselves to meet as many people as possible on a daily basis. And I’m not talking just a “meet and greet.” I’m saying that you should actually get to know and appreciate all of the people and groups in your city.

Once you do that, you’ll start to meet the major players of the city. You’ll also meet those who are just trying to get by and everyone else in between.

What Are the Perks of Being a Personal Fitness Trainer?

The biggest perk is that you get to get paid to build relationships with people.

Once you’ve developed a relationship with someone, you break down all barriers to communicating with that person.


When I was 18, I trained a woman who was part of the management of a hotel. She told me her story. How she started at the hotel, how she met her husband, everything about her finances and family emergencies and struggles.

Before that, I didn’t really have the view of “What it is like to be 40 years old.” I just had the view of “I just finished high school and gotta figure out what I’m doing.”

I was looking for some side money at that time and she hooked me up with a small gig on the weekends at the hotel.


A little later on, I trained a car dealership owner. One day my truck died for good and he sent me to talk to a guy at his dealership. I got a very modest car, but I also got it at a great price.


Another trainer at the gym was getting a divorce. We had three divorce lawyers there and one was more than willing to help.

These examples just go on and on and on.

When You Give Help, You Get Help

The purpose of this isn’t to say that you just go around mooching off of people. You’ve got to do your job and help them.

My policy has always been to go above and beyond to help my clients. There are a few soul suckers who will try to take advantage of this but, in general, most people will see what you are doing and will jump at an opportunity to help you.

The more you put into your community, the more it will give back. I’ve always made it a point to help my neighbors so that if I need something, I’ve got someone to call.

When you’re a personal trainer, you will meet people from all over the city and be able to help them out. Your community gets really, really big.

The Actual Pay of a Personal Fitness Trainer

When you add up all of the perks, trainers get paid more than you think.

The contacts and business opportunities alone are worth a hefty price. Just imagine if you owned a rental property that you used for an Airbnb. In passing conversation, you mention to your clients about it. Then the next time they have family visit, they send them to stay at your place.

Everyone wins.

Your own creativity and ability to communicate is the limiting factor here.

Expanding Your Network Changes How You Operate

Expanding your network changes how you buy a house or a car. It changes how you spend your holidays, how you help people, where you spend your time and it changes your quality of life.

If you have more relationships, you have more options. Opportunities come your way and you help others when they need it. When I was in college, there was a man who urgently needed a team of hard working, strong men to move his house ASAP. I mustered my troops and delivered.

Strong dudes who could work hard for a few hours and make good money was something he needed and I just hooked them up. He was helped because he knew me.

This goes both ways.

Try it.

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