Look, genetic predisposition plays a factor in the final score of any sport. We might as well accept it.

There are many sports that taller kids can enjoy and even outshine their opponents! Picking the right sport for your body type can give you or your child a great edge.

So, whether you’re a parent of a tall kid or you are the tall kid, this guide is here to help you decide.

1.   Basketball

Talking about sports for tall kids without mentioning basketball is like swimming without getting wet! Basketball has been the go-to sport of tall children for years, and with good reason.

Unlike many sports, in basketball, you have to constantly shoot the ball up and aim for a hoop that’s around ten feet above the ground.

Moreover, if you’re not aiming to score, then you’re trying to pass the ball to a team member while avoiding other players’ outstretched hands.

Simply put, basketball—in its essence— is a sport that needs height, which is something tall kids have no shortage of!

The main thing you need to focus on while playing this sport, though, is your coordination and balance. Basketball requires a certain degree of hand-eye coordination and a lot of footwork, which can be challenging at first but rewarding once you get the hang of it.

2.   Volleyball

Volleyball is a bit similar to basketball because it requires a lot of the same balance and height advantage. During a game, you and your team members must pass the ball between you and hit it above a net—2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women— to the opposing team.

Of course, it is much easier to hit over the net if the player is tall.

What’s more, this extra height could be beneficial as it allows you to watch the ball better, block it, and defend your team more effectively.

It’s an excellent game for tall kids as it allows them to utilize the height difference to their advantage and helps them improve their coordination and team skills.

3.   Tennis

Kids with Tennis rackets

We know what you’re thinking—what does tennis have to do with being tall? Well, it’s all about how far your arm can reach!

Tennis is a sport that you can play on your own against an opponent or with a team member against two opponents. Being tall gives you longer strides and better reach, so you can cover more ground quickly and return the ball before it lands.

4.   Swimming

Swimming is a similar sport that benefits from being tall.

You see, having those extra few inches can help you have a more extended reach, as your arms are generally longer, making your strokes longer and more effective.

What’s more, the extra height allows you to pack some extra muscle mass, translating to more power and speed in the water. Lastly, as a tall swimmer, you have more advantages when diving and turning, as your body covers more distance with each push-off.

All in all, swimming is a great, low-impact sport that can help improve your overall fitness levels, from cardiovascular health to general endurance.

5.   Javelin Throw

Though not as famous as the other sports on our list, javelin is a great sport that’s been around for centuries. As you can guess from the name, this is a sport where you run for a certain distance and then throw a spear-like object as far as possible.

In this sport, height isn’t directly related to your speed or strength, but rather that it’s a good indicator of how far you’ll throw.

This is because your long arms allow you to generate more momentum and velocity, hence, throwing the javelin farther than your shorter opponents.

It’s a great sport as it allows you to test both your speed and strength while improving your stamina and endurance.

6.   Discus

Discus is in the shape of a frisbee, but it’s different. First, I should point out that a discus is around 1–2 kg, so it’s significantly heavier than a frisbee.

In this sport, you’re required to throw a discus into the air, as far as possible, while standing in a circle of no more than 2.5 meters.

You can spin around to gain momentum, but your body must always stay inside the circle. Thankfully, being a tall kid and playing this sport can be a real asset.

As we’ve mentioned many times before, being tall guarantees a longer reach and, therefore, a greater throwing range.

As you spin around to build up momentum, your long arms will help you throw the disc farther than a short opponent would.

Nonetheless, your height difference isn’t enough to make that true. You’ll need to practice technique regularly and strengthen your core and lower body, as these muscles will aid in your performance.

7.   Golf

Many of us know golf as one of the most popular sports worldwide. Yet, not many people realize that this game is one of the most perfect games for tall players. The whole aim of a golf game is to hit the ball into a hole in as few shots as possible.

Now, do you remember what we said about being tall? The taller you are, the longer your limbs and the better your chances of hitting the ball right where it needs to be!

The average height of the top 100 PGA Pro golfers in the world is just over 6 feet.

8.   Lacrosse

Being able to see above everybody else is a huge advantage that tall lacrosse players enjoy. You can simply walk between the players and know exactly where your next shoot goes, as the other players’ heads and shoulders don’t hinder you.

If you look at it, lacrosse is a bit like soccer, as you try to shoot a ball past a goalkeeper to score a few points for a win. However, you’re doing this with the help of a lacrosse stick and a tiny lacrosse ball!

So, not only can you see above most players, but you can also use your limbs to take longer strides and shoot the ball further.

It’s a really great game as it involves a lot of running and maneuvering, which can help you build your stamina and muscle strength.

9.   Handball


Another sport that’s similar to the first two but with a few key differences is handball. Handball is not very popular in America and many people actually mistake volleyball for handball, as both sports require players to use their hands to hit the ball.

However, handball games don’t have that net in the middle of the court that volleyball courts have. Instead, it’s an open area with goalposts.

Handball requires the players to pass the ball between them and shoot at a goalpost that a goalkeeper and various defense players protect. In volleyball, all players have a specific role, and they generally stick to their zones.

Here, on the other hand, players will flank you from all directions to try and stop you from scoring. And that’s where your height comes to the rescue—being taller than other players can help you get a better shot at the goal!

10. Water Polo

Water polo is what you’d get if you mixed up the rules of soccer, swimming, and basketball! Much like football, players score points by shooting at the opposition’s net.

When it comes to the swimming part, well, water polo is played in the water and requires great agility and stamina. Lastly, just like basketball, players have to pass and block the ball with their hands.

Of course, most, if not all, of these sports are perfect for tall kids. The long limbs give tall players more advantage in the water as they can cover more distance with each stroke.

Moreover, they can easily block the ball and shoot it into the net over everyone’s head.

Quick Recap

To give you a quick summary, tall kids can excel in sports like basketball, volleyball, and handball, where they’re required to lean on their height for advantage.

They can also enjoy golf, discus, javelin throw, tennis, and lacrosse because these sports can best utilize their lengthy limbs.

Finally, swimming and water polo are great options, as they help build stamina while allowing the kids to use their full height.


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